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2 to 4 hours of our expert advice

1 hour of business growth surgeries

Half day training course

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Ian Stirling of Objectives Reached is a full paid up member of:

As a business advocate of the LEP, we can provide additional advice to clients with help from the monthly emails we receive containing useful information that can benefit companies across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Marketing is the key component of our service, as sales are the drive behind all businesses. We combine a variety of on and off-line marketing to make your existing advertising budget go further. Every business needs advertising that is specifically designed for their company, in order to target their prime market. We specialise in email marketing because it provides the best return on investment.

The Pain We Solve

Lack of marketing knowledge, and understanding of a variety of advertising strategies.

Staff are under trained, and not supported enough, leading to loss of motivation.

The Best Solution

Create a marketing plan that maximises return on the budget.

Motivate the staff; provide appropriate marketing tools, and on-going training.  

Consult an expert who takes the time to become aware of the issues surrounding the business.

Why We Are the Best Solution Provider

To gain an understanding of the business and its marketing issues, we provide an initial free review.

We agree a strategy to enhance your marketing and create sales leads, working with you and your team to implement it.

 We increase return on expenditure by identifying and replacing under-performing marketing approaches, allowing us to work within the existing budget.


With our help email marketing can be easy, affordable and effective. This enables you to:

Objectives Reached hold lists of businesses which can give you a head start to building email lists, we also assist you in this process, making it quick and easy.

Objectives Reached has partnered with ‘Constant Contact’ a company that allows you to expand your business with low cost e-marketing. Contacts are stored in categories, so emails can be sent to target groups. The more contacts you have the higher the fee; however emails are limitless once this fee has been paid. A 60 day trial is offered and prices start from circa £15 per month.

We offer a free demonstration and we also offer a free half day training course if you sign up via our website link.

For larger companies we use ‘Swiftpage’ connecting to Sage ACT to track all contacts with potential leads and target them at the time when they are most likely to make their purchase.  

A.  You can if you have time to send them individually or in small groups. It is unadvised to send an email to a large group of email addresses because these details will then be seen by everyone. This is important because many of your contacts will not want their details available to others, as is seen in forwarding emails.

You may have assured customers you would not pass their details to third parties.

You do not want to gain a reputation for sending spam mail; this is why systems that allow people to safely unsubscribe are needed.

Using this software also means you lose out on knowing who opens your emails and what links they were interested in.

Why can’t I use Outlook or Hotmail to send my emails?




2 to 4 hours of our expert advice

1 hour of business growth surgeries

Half day training course

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