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Business Growth and Franchising Packages available with a slow initial fee and payment as results are achieved.


2 to 4 hours of our expert advice

1 hour of business growth surgeries

Half day training course

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Ian Stirling of Objectives Reached is a full paid up member of:

As a business advocate of the LEP, we can provide additional advice to clients with help from the monthly emails we receive containing useful information that can benefit companies across Norfolk and Suffolk.


Local2you.com will provide online and offline business support for only £10 a month. It has been designed and created to run efficiently with the minimum input, so as to reduce the cost. It will be a truly multi-facetted service which will be reliable and cost effective because it only uses proven technologies.


Gather.Local2you will be an offline network with free online networking tools. To find out more click here.


Events.Local2you is free to paid-up members and it’s main purpose is for customers to promote an event or any kind.  To find out more click here.


Businesses.Local2you will be an online business directory with a free listing for all active members. Those paying £10 per month will also have free links to their own web site and can even place adverts for free. As with all Local2you services, you will be asked to confirm your listing every three months, so our information will always be up-to-date.


Shop.Local2you is where small/new businesses can add new products to test the market before going further. Larger businesses can have their own store. To find out more click here.

Shop.Local2you has two options. Small or new businesses can add a few new products to test the market before developing their own online shop. It will also allow them to accept credit cards for on and offline sales. Larger businesses can have their own store using‘YourName.Shop.Local2y ou.com’.

Other development work is also taking place to improve communications (telephone, mobile, accessing emails and your data) when people are away from their base. This gives small businesses the resources their larger competitors take for granted, for a small monthly fee without commitment. Including Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

Local2you will provide members in business a range of tools and opportunities free or for a low fixed cost.

Membership is £10 per month, without a joining fee. For founder members this price will not rise. More limited membership is available for free, although Gatherings and other Services will be charged for.

In the UK, ecademy is the premier Online network.  Basic membership is free giving you enough access to use the site.

PowerNetworkers receive 10 times more connections and usefully have high visibility on Google.  They can paste business adverts and send/receive unlimited messages.

Blackstar is for serious Net workers.

Three levels of membership

Gathering is free to join and founder members are guaranteed free Membership for life if they attend four networking events each year. You may attend all events except those marked Board only.

Active Membership is £10 per month and gives you a discount on all events, training, services plus free marketing and advertising. You may attend all events except those marked Board only.  

Board Membership is for those that wish to seriously network with like minded people.  Master classes and ‘one to one’ meetings are all included. You may attend all events.


Objectives Reached has been researching and attending  networking events in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge Shire and beyond for over a year.  With this wealth of knowledge we are now launching our very own business networking programme of events called Gathering.local2you.com  

When joining networks people seem to ask three questions.

What type of Network should I join?

There are those people who prefer the formality of BNI whilst others like the turn up and chat over breakfast as Wymondham Business Forum does.  However, we feel the majority of people wish for something in between.  

How much will it cost me?

When people are setting up a new business the cost of networking is important to them. For businesses that are established networking fees are not the issue for them, it is will they meet and build relationships with substantial potential customers. To balance these very different requirements we created three levels of membership, and have created opportunities for everyone to meet.  

What commitment do I have to make?

Time for some people is their top concern, whilst for others who are working on their own, meeting people is a higher priority.  It is clear some people turn up at networking events just once,  hand out and collect as many cards as possible and believe this is all they have to do. We believe the benefits of networking are built overtime.  To assist busy members we will allow them to decide if they or a colleague attends, we accept that professional managers will analyse the benefits of networking against other priorities.


This program will be free to paid-up members. You can use it to promote opening a new branch, a product launch or any event. You will also be able to promote community events on the calendar for free. Again, to control quality, you enter your event details and we approve and publish them. This service will be £1 per event for those without paid-up membership.

Examples of service that will be available to members on ‘Pay as you use’:

There are many aspects to Local2you.com like Training.Local2you where trainers can advertise courses and if required we can offer booking online. This service will only be charged for where bookings are received from the listing.

CallInfo.Local2you gives those members managing home workers or staff in branches the same control and information that most call centre managers use. Members pay a small fee for the service when it is being used. All incoming and outgoing calls will be directed via your own telephone system giving total control.