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Business Growth and Franchising Packages available with a slow initial fee and payment as results are achieved.


2 to 4 hours of our expert advice

1 hour of business growth surgeries

Half day training course

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Ian Stirling of Objectives Reached is a full paid up member of:

As a business advocate of the LEP, we can provide additional advice to clients with help from the monthly emails we receive containing useful information that can benefit companies across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Some of our Clients …


Ian helped to kick-start my business with invaluable advice gained from his many years in the travel industry. He knows his stuff but also listens well. He is driven to find solutions, often working beyond the allotted time, and always with courtesy and good humour.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value.

CLEVER CAMPER is a specialist teardrop trailer hire service. Based in Norwich, Norfolk, Clever Campers provide an insulated and waterproof alternative to camping through the use of tiny curvy caravans, that come with a double bed and hatchback kitchen.

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