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Business Growth and Franchising Packages available with a slow initial fee and payment as results are achieved.


2 to 4 hours of our expert advice

1 hour of business growth surgeries

Half day training course

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Ian Stirling of Objectives Reached is a full paid up member of:

As a business advocate of the LEP, we can provide additional advice to clients with help from the monthly emails we receive containing useful information that can benefit companies across Norfolk and Suffolk.

News & Events

Norwich Business Growth Day

We are organising a Business Growth Day at The Forum on Thursday 16th January 2014. This involves a breakfast £10, 3 seminars and an afternoon of networking in the Atrium

The Program:

08.00 to 09.30 Business Growth Breakfast in Fusion £10 light breakfast.  Book and pay at door £15.  Click to book

Banner stand spaces available from £25 ncluding breakfast. 10.00 to 11.45 Business Growth Seminars, 3 x 30 minute seminars. Seminars are free to those booking breakfast or having a stand. For others all 3 seminars are £5.  Click to book

First speaker TBA

Gary Parker- Growth Manager for Growth Accelerator on funded business coaching.

Ian Stirling- Objectives Reached on Opportunities and Franchising.

12.00 - 16.00 - Business Growth and Opportunities networking and speakers.  Your chance to speak and invite your own contacts.  Click  to request details.

All prices include VAT

The main Atrium will have 12 to 20 stands, which focus on business growth and Norfolk’s diverse business activity.

Small space for a banner stand only £25   2.4 meter stand space £50.  Stand and afternoon speakers slot £100

All prices plus VAT unless we sate VAT included.  

As with any networking event, prizes and offers are welcome and will be promoted for free.

Limited number of £600 business coaching and support vouchers available.  

If this box appears when you book there are still vouchers available.

Click here for terms and no purchase is necessary, at any stage.

Click tor paste this link  to view the event booking page, if your browser does not display it below.